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Lectrix is an innovative online resource which integrates selected classic works of Greek and Latin literature with commentaries from the world-renowned Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics series for word-by-word, click-by-click access.

The Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics commentaries focus on literary and historical questions. Lectrix includes a basic linguistic commentary to guide students in their reading of these often complex works; an electronic dictionary and parser; an English translation; and a library of web pages providing background information on grammar and context. The extra material and features of Lectrix provide a further dimension which will help students and scholars alike to engage constructively with these ancient texts.

The flexible design of Lectrix allows users to display as little or as much of the extensive integrated information as they need, in whatever manner they choose. Whether you're a student or an instructor, an experienced scholar or a student approaching a complete ancient text for the first time, Lectrix has the tools you need to see the classics in a fresh light.

For more information on the texts included within Lectrix, details on the functionality, how to set up a trial or to take a tour, please click here or select the relevant page from the Options menu.

A Supplement to Notae Latinae

Also of interest

A Supplement to Notae Latinae

Abbreviations in Latin MSS. of 850 to 1050 AD

Doris Bains, Foreword by W. M. Lindsay

Originally published in 1936, this book is intended to supplement W. M. Lindsay's Notae Latinae of 1915, which examined Latin abbreviations of the early minuscule period (circa 700–850 AD). This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in palaeography.

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